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This page is meant to aggregate the available templates for use on Bloomingpedia. As the site grows, these will need to be more properly categorized. Many of these templates were derived from the Wikipedia and metaWiki projects. Templates should be used in cases where there are standard sets of information to convey. Some templates are static replacements for common text (e.g. "This article is under construction") and some templates collect variable information and format them consistently.

NOTE: Be careful about editing templates. One mistake could affect hundreds of pages. Please don't experiment with these unless you know what you're doing. To use, find the Wiki Code, which will begin {{ and end }} with some | in between. It appears when you Edit a template, and sometimes on the Discussion page or Usage section. Copy from the {{ to the }} and Paste when Editing your new page. Fill in the facts between the = and | symbols.

Infobox Templates

Citation Templates

Article Templates