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Bloomingpedia:This week's featured article/2007 Week 43

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The Bakehouse has two locations in Bloomington. The main location, located at the southwest corner of 6th and Walnut on the downtown square, provides fresh baked bread on a daily basis. A second location on State Road 46 near the College Mall provides an extension of the deli and bagel service of the main location.

In addition to the two Bloomington locations, the Bakehouse maintains a walk-in area at its main bakery on SR 37. They also sell baked goods to restuarants in Indianapolis such as St. Elmo's and Keystone Grill.

The main Bakehouse location at the corner of 6th and Walnut was opened by one the co-owners of Michael's Uptown Cafe in 1995. Strats Stratigios and Michael Cassady aimed to capitalize on a grown trend in the mid 90s toward providing fresh-baked breads. After spending years at Michael's trying to develop good bread recipes, the owners reached out to Bloomington cookbook author Bernard Clayton Jr..

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