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Nellie Showers Teter

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Nellie Showers Teter (b. 1873, d. 1961) was the first woman elected to the Indiana University Board of Trustees. Teter Quadrangle is named after her.

She was born in Bloomington on November 11, 1873 to William Showers and Hannah (Hendrix) Showers.

She graduated from Indiana University in 1893 with an A.B. degree, after two years in the Preparatory Department and four in the university.

On April 24, 1895, she married Sanford F. Teter. They had two children.

In 1924 she was elected alumni trustee of Indiana University. Mrs. Teter took her place on the board at the time of the dedication of Memorial Hall, and while concerned with all matters affecting the welfare of Indiana University, she was particularly interested in construction and equipment of dormitories for women students.

She was a 1989 inductee into the Monroe County Hall of Fame on which her plaque reads "Honors (Pre-1946) Was the first woman elected to the Indiana University Board of Trustees, serving on the board from 1924-1945. She was active in community affairs, and IU's Teter Quad is named in her honor.