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Talk:2007 4th of July Parade

From Bloomingpedia

damn, I missed it!

Nice list, there, Mark. Did you have your laptop tethered to your chest somehow? :-) What did the beanpole folks do this year? -Chrobb 18:59, 4 July 2007 (EDT)

Heh, no. I just took a lot of pictures and went back through them. That's why I say "may be incomplete". There are some groups that I'm not sure who they are with. Probably will need to get a program or talk to the people who organize it. What I find weird is that I've been trying to find previous mentions of the parade in the HT and only on a few years did they mention what time it would be held before the 4th. This informtion has got to be burried somewhere, just waiting to be put into Bloomingpedia. See, we're all kinda like Indiana Jones, trying to find an ark of lost information. Its an adventure! -- Mark 20:14, 4 July 2007 (EDT)