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User talk:Rhs5805

From Bloomingpedia

Welcome to Bloomingpedia. We appreciate your input on the Talk:Trevor Brown page highlighting the reasoning behind the peculiarity of the Trevor Brown article (negative points, however for deleting the previous discussion, you should have appended your comments so everyone can follow the discussion).

Hopefully you have read the Bloomingpedia:Policies and Direction article to see what Bloomingpedia is all about. I fail to see how the Trevor Brown article is objective, written from a neutral point of view and is not a vanity article. Giving props to good people on Bloomingpedia is certainly possible, however the method and style of the Trevor Brown article as it currently reads is a poor example. Hopefully the article can be cleaned up and brought into accordance with Bloomingpedia:Policies and Direction. Please feel free to talk to any of the Bloomingpedia Council members if you have any questions about the policies. Chris Eller 08:59, 22 March 2007 (EDT)

I apologize, I didn't mean to delete the other posts. I wasn't paying attention. If Audrie and I worked to clean this up and make it a more informative, biographical article, might it be allowed to stay up? Again, I apologize for deleting the other posts, I didn't realize I was doing that.