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Bloomingpedia:Request for immediate removal of copyright violation

From Bloomingpedia


An article is using copyrighted content without permission.


Bloomingpeda is a wiki, so you can remove the content yourself!

Are you the copyright owner?

  • If you are the copyright owner or represent the copyright owner, we can assist you best via e-mail. You may contact us at comments <hyphen> questions <at> with an informal request. Please cite the exact URL (the "address" or "Location" of the page as shown by your web browser, as in, and provide enough information to substantiate your claim of copyright ownership.
    Correspondence is answered by a small team of volunteers.
  • If you prefer to use the slower process of a formal Online Copyright Infringement Liability Limitation Act (OCILLA) request, you can send it to our designated agent

Important notes

Facts cannot be copyrighted, only their expression. That is, you cannot claim a Bloomingpedia article infringes your copyright just because it happens to cite the same facts as a text or page that you wrote; you may only claim if the text in the article was copied from your work without permission.