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Bloomingpedia talk:Introductory Presentation 2007

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I think this is great. I just did a presentation in Atlanta at the U.S. Social Forum regarding wiki in general. I would suggest, time permitting, you think about adding these talking points:

  1. Ward Cunningham, founder of wiki in 1995 is a Hoosier - from a town near Gary, IN
  2. WikiIndex, a wiki of wiki, a meta place for self organized information - co-founded by Mark Dilley, another Hoosier, born and has family in Indianapolis.
  3. is a wiki of the internet, your wiki page on that wiki is
  4. Brian Kerr from Michigan is interested in organizing civic wikis:
  5. Facebook group for this, just added

Enjoy your presentation and let me know how it goes!!! :-) Best, MarkDilley

Ah... the question of turnout. Something that I have worked on for many years as a labor organizer. Would love to talk with you if you are interested in processing this and brainstorming next steps. Excited to see the video none the less!! Best, MarkDilley