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Finding user profiles

Juat wondering if there is a best way to survey the user profiles of other members here- Just wondering what some profiles look like and what information others usually include about themselves.

Or is this not done?

Well, there doesn't seem to be a unified look or feel to the profiles here on Bloomingpedia. Most people are doing their own thing, feel free to make your user page as unique as you wish. Chris 23:25, 6 May 2006 (EDT)
It is definately done. Although not many people have caught onto putting anything on their user pages. User pages like User:Mark are more for talking about Bloomingpedia and what you are doing with Bloomingpedia. For instance, I use mine to show what I'm working on to improve the wiki and what I've done. If people want to include personal information about themselves, I would highly encourage them to do it by creating a page for your name like Nancy E Wilson with a summary about what you did in Bloomington, when you came here and left (if you are no longer here), your birthdate, etc. I know its kinda weird writing about yourself in the third person, but its the only way to get some information about people other than what would be in a paper, news or known by friends. Like Mark Twain says, you are the best person to write your life's story. See the article about me for an example of how you can write about yourself in the third person and what to possibly include. If you just want to chat with other people from Bloomington or who use this site, you might check out the Bloomingpedia forums, which is for help with the site, but also has a few forums for just chatting and so on. -- Mark 23:52, 6 May 2006 (EDT)