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Bloomington Area Arts Council

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The Bloomington Area Arts Council supports public participation in the arts by developing, strengthening, and promoting the cultural resources of Bloomington and Brown, Greene, Lawrence, Monroe and Owen Counties. They also maintain The Waldron Arts Center. They were incorporated on May 8, 1974.

Painter Helle Barnstone was instrumental in the founding of the council, with the help of Nancy Seltz and Wayne Craig.

In 2009, the council was suspended by the Indiana Arts Council over financial concerns, claiming:

  • So much staff turnover that communication was ineffective.
  • Mismanagement leading to marginal performance and a poor financial situation.
  • Inadequate representation of the six-county region it serves.

The BAAC's involvement with the IAC was primarily as a conduit for grant money. Nevertheless, the suspension was troubling, and the BAAC responded by eliminating three full-time staff positions and proposing eliminating the American Masters Grant, which has funded jazz masters in the schools.

2009 - 2010 Board Members

  • Ashley Fisher (President)
  • Charlotte Zietlow (Vice-President)
  • Sally Walker (Secretary)
  • Lance Eberle (Treasurer)
  • Mary M. Aiken
  • Michael Budd
  • Sandra Clark
  • Daniel Grundmann
  • Maria Izzo Walker
  • Martha Moore
  • Daren Pitts-Redman
  • Ron Stanhouse
  • Marci Widen
  • Linda Whikehart

Executive Directors

These are the directors of the BAAC over the last 10 years:

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