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Ernie Pyle

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Ernie Taylor Pyle (b. August 3, 1900, d. April 18, 1945) was a famous war journalist during World War II and won the Pulitzer Prize in 1944. Although only mildly successful before the war, he achieved national fame for his personal style of reporting, deliberately writing about ordinary soldiers by name rather than large strategic troop movements or generals. He also spent much more time at or near the front lines than other contemporary reporters, anticipating the more direct coverage that would appear during Vietnam and the 'embedded reporter' of today.

He was born in Dana, Indiana and attended Indiana University where he studied journalism. He died on Ie Shima, an island off Okinawa Honto, as the result of machine gun fire from an enemy sniper position.

The building housing Indiana University's journalism school is now named Ernie Pyle Hall in his honor.

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