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Furr Building

From Bloomingpedia

The Furr Building at 1600 W. Bloomfield Road is the home of BKD, Avenues Realty Group, Prologic Redemption Solutions, a dental office, an accountant, and formerly Indiana Data Processing. Situated on a two-acre lot, the building is made of limestone and glass and has over 28000 square feet of office space.

The building became part of a controversy during the federal trial of the owners of Indiana Data Processing, after ostensibly changing hands twice in 2008: "IOS Building LLC" sold the building in April to "1600 W. Bloomfield Road LLC"; that company then sold to MRHC Real Estate Holdings of El Segundo, California. Both prices were over $4 million, but the property almost immediately went back on the market.

Former IDP employee Kari Costello, who was owed money by the company, contended that a large share of the sale proceeds went to Bruce Furr and his family via fraudulent transfers.<ref>Leonard, Mike (March 25, 2009). "Bankruptcies, battles in Furr, IOS case". Bloomington Herald Times. Retrieved on March 26, 2009.</ref> According to the Costello legal team, "1600 West Bloomfield Road LLC" was principally owned by Furr's daughter, Carol Gillard. "IOS Building LLC", presumably a Furr-controlled company, was also a principal owner of Avenues Realty along with realtor Tracee Lutes.


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