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Gasoline prices

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This page attempts to keep track of 87 octane unleaded gasoline prices at various stations around the area. All prices do not include the standard 0.009 cent increase that is done at nearly all gas stations. City quadrants are based on Walnut Street and 3rd Street dividing north/south/east/west.

National average: 2.88 (2006-04-24)

Northeast Bloomington

Northwest Bloomington

Southeast Bloomington

Southwest Bloomington

Near Ellettsville


  • In mid-may of 2007, gas prices hit a point where people with gas tanks larger than about 14 gallons started reaching a $50 limit placed on gas pumps at some gas stations. Customers would have to complete one transaction, and start another to completely fill up. Some credit cards like Mastercard have a $75 limit instead. As the pump approaches $50, it usually just slows down and hits $50 exactly, not allowing a customer to go over. [1]

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