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Gosport is a small town in the northeastern portion of Owen County. It is next to the White River, and was founded as a port on that river by Ephraim Goss and Abner Alexander. Goss recorded lots on the river in 1829 after purchasing the land from John Lindley.

In 1850, Joseph Goss and and a Dr. Hussey built a pork packing house which slaughtered more than 30,000 hogs annually, to be floated by flatboat down the river to the Ohio and Mississipi, and possibly as far south as New Orleans.

In 1855, the railroad came through and Gosport's location on the river was no longer an advantage, although there was a line through the town and a stop known as Gosport Junction. The railroad ran on a large bridge over the river, the stone pilings of which can still be seen today. A flood in 1910 put much of the track under water.

A covered bridge crossing the river for foot and wagon traffic was built in 1871. It was destroyed by vandals in 1955.

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