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Lotus Dickey

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Lotus Dickey was an important musician, singer and songwriter born in rural Orange County, Indiana (2 counties south of Monroe) in 1911 (died 1989). He grew up the youngest of five children in a highly cultured family, for which literature and music were enmeshed in the culture, traditions and economic realities of rural southern Indiana farm life.

Lotus Dickey grew up singing and playing pump organ, fiddle and guitar, and began a lifelong habit of songwriting and musicianship. He is credited with writing hundreds of songs. The father of eight children, he had little opportunity to pursue a musical career in the conventional sense, until the 1970s when he came to the attention of Indiana University folklorists, leading to a film documentary about Dickey, Water from Another Time [1] YouTube.

This led to wide exposure for Lotus Dickey, and a second career as a public artist and performer.

The Lotus World Music and Arts Festival in Bloomington and the The Lotus Dickey Hometown Reunion in Paoli were named in his honor.

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