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Musical Arts Center

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The Musical Arts Center (or simply MAC), located at 101 N. Jordan Avenue on the Indiana University campus is a world-class 1,460-seat opera theatre. It was designed by Woollen, Molzan & Partners, and completed in 1971. The 192,000-square foot facility offers one of the finest opera performance facilities in the United States. It is a Jacobs School of Music facility.

The MAC's stage was designed to be equivalent to the Metropolitan Opera House (they have, in fact, performed the same shows with the same sets at both facilities.) There is a turntable and three sliding stages to perform quick scene changes, and a ten-story fly system enables the crew to lift in and out sets or lighting. State-of-the-art lighting and sound equipment are used, and the structure of the auditorium provides excellent sound quality. The orchestra pit has two levels, and can hold a 100-piece orchestra.


The facility also offers extensive carpentry shops and textile production facilities to support productions, as well as many practice rooms, dressing rooms, classroom space, and ballet rehearsal facilities. There is a multitrack recording studio, an audio editing studio, and a control room for recording productions onstage in the MAC.

The glass front of the building looks into the large lobby space, which presents many pieces of art within. The front foyer is named the Hoagy Carmichael Foyer.

The sculpture on the front lawn is called Peau Rouge, by Alexander Calder

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