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Nichols & Nichols

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Nichols & Nichols was a Bloomington architectural firm whose partners were John Nichols and Leo Morton Nichols. The Telephone of March 17, 1913 announced the formation of the firm. Mort left the firm in July of 1914, but the name continued to appear in the construction press for another year.

Works attributed to the firm include the following:

  • Leo Morton Nichols House, 722 E. University, 1913
  • Kadison Bungalow, 518 E. Seventh Street, 1913
  • Marxson Residence, 514 S. Lincoln Street, 1913
  • 513 E. Eighth St, 1913 (built on speculation by Stacey O. Harrell)
  • Evans Residence, 715 S. Fess Avenue, 1914
  • Butcher Bungalow, 718 E. University, 1914
  • Smith Residence, 403 N. Fess, 1914 (no longer standing)
  • Rawlings Bungalow, 314 E. Smith Ave, 1914
  • Sare duplexes, northeast corner of Eighth and Park, 1915

Except for the Leo Morton Nichols House, it is difficult to determine which of the two is primarily responsible for any specific project. But Mort is listed in the construction press as architect for his own house.