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Robert Nigro

From Bloomingpedia

Robert Nigro worked at WIUS from 1986 through 1988, creating and hosting two weekly programs and serving (with Chris Strobel) as WUIS' Promotions Co-Director in 1988.

Rob Nigro's Eclectic Radio Theater (1986-1987) was a Sunday morning mix of jazz, blues, rock, pop and classic rock. In 1988, Rob and co-host John Maida presented The Jazz Crucible, a blend of hard bop, bebop, swing/big bands, classic jazz and smooth jazz.

WIUS received university funding for the first time in 1988. That fall, Nigro produced an audio feature about the new developments at WIUS. Interviews with people involved with the station at that time included Station Manager Dave "Rave" Tyahla, Programmer Douglas Eck, News Co-Director Angie Myers, Newsletter Director Bryan Richert and Promotions Co-Director Chris Stroebel. Click here [1] to download an mp3 of the feature.