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Sheldon Graffiti

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The back exterior walls of the Steve Sheldon Photography studio hosts a frequently-changing graffiti wall. The studio is located between 3rd Street and Atwater Avenue at 311 S. Swain Avenue, and it borders a large parking lot. Some pictures of the work, and the dates the photos were taken, are below.

March, 2005

These were some of the first murals that appeared in Winter 2005. Pictures taken March 1, 2005. The eastern wall incorporates ACT and CTC, which which appears in later pieces, and is apparently the group's name.
South Wall: Sheldon-200503-South.jpg

East Wall:

June, 2005

Later, the originals were painted over and a new set of murals took their place. Pictures taken June 13, 2005.

July, 2005

Soon after, a new, more intricate set of murals appeared. Possibly only the southern wall was painted at this point. This series was the first to include a shout-out to Steve Sheldon (upon whose studio the murals appear), and include a signature panel 'ACT Crew'. The back fence area also had some work that was not photographed.

September, 2005

At some point, probably after the previous paintings were done (but maybe at the same time), the eastern wall was painted again. Pictures from September 19, 2005. Includes ACT and CTC, and ACTC CREW, as well as some corn emblazoned with "MIDWEST". New images of the southern wall are shown because their color is much better than the July pictures. Also included is an image of the shed behind the studio with a request to keep off the surrounding buildings. That picture was taken later but the graffiti appeared around this time.

South Wall of Sheldon Studio

December, 2005

There may have been another version in the fall that the article's author failed to photograph. By late fall (probably around halloween), a set of fiery and spooky scenes appeared. This included a new signature panel with an ACT CREW header, and a thanks to Steve Sheldon. Pictures from December 10, 2005.


March 2006

This is the north wall of Steve Sheldon Photography. The artist for this wall was Jordan Trendleman AKA JetOne. He was also involved with the other walls at Steve Sheldon Photography. Pictures taken March 3, 2006.

May 2006

In April 2006, new pieces appeared on the the south and east walls. Pictures taken May 6, 2006.

South Wall: Sheldon-200605-SouthExterior.jpg

East Wall:

October 2006

On October 2nd in the afternoon, two people "blanked out" the canvas in black and blue to start over. Appearently, they do this every so many months to make something from scratch.