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Soma Coffee House

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SOMA Coffee House & Juice Bar - inside view by Kagan Tuncay

Soma Coffee House is a coffee and juice bar located in the Kirkwood Manor building at 322 E. Kirkwood Avenue in Bloomington, which was designed by leading local architect John L. Nichols. It is located in the basement below the Laughing Planet. It also has a backdoor entrance from TD's CDs & LPs as well as a stairwell entrance from the Laughing Planet upstairs.

Soma has also added locations at Jordan Square(1400 E 3rd St) and 581 E Hillside Dr Suite 104.


Soma makes all of their juice when it is ordered by customers. They provide vegan baked goods and have onsite free wireless internet access. There are two major sitting rooms and an outdoor patio area.

In April 2007, Bob Costello, owner of the Village Deli, bought both Soma and the Laughing Planet.

Unique drinks

  • White Zombie: Made with white or dark chocolate and Cafe Bianco, a yellow barely roasted bean
  • Peppermint Pattie: Espresso, dark chocolate, milk and peppermint syrup
  • Peanut Butter Cup of Joe: Espresso, dark chocolate, milk and natural peanut butter
  • Cherry Garcia: Espresso, dark chocolate, milk and cherry syrup
  • Raz-ma-taz: Espresso, dark chocolate, milk and raspberry syrup
  • Lewinsky: Espresso, dark chocolate, milk, caramel and coconut syrups
  • Oahu: Espresso, white chocolate, milk and macadamia nut syrup

Store profile

  • Coffee refills : $0.80
  • Free wireless connection
  • Some comfortable seating, but many chairs are old and rickety
  • Sometimes can be loud


The toilet inside
The bathroom door, featuring an image of Frank Zappa