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The Game Preserve, A community Gaming store in Downtown Bloomington at 101 west Kirkwood. The Game preserve Provides all types of games and entertainment. Games from Puzzles for kids to the very experienced puzzle builder. To table top miniature games were you buy miniature- models that are themed on a certain category and play war like scenarios. Even if your looking to buy some cards for your favorite card game, playing cards, to tarot cards. The Game preserve is a local small business that provides some hard to find items and other more common things to the community. No matter what your looking for in the way of family gaming or role-playing. Game preserve probably has it.
The game preserve started in Indianapolis Indiana by a woman named Kit Newkirk. The first store location was actually an old house on Broad Ripple St. Which opened Oct, 1, 1980. The store mainly sold monopoly and scrabble and other common games for the time. But as of today Game preserve has roughly 30 employees through out 5 stores including our Bloomington store on Kirkwood avenue. The Bloomington store is run by James McWilliam, store manager, who has been working for the Game Preserve for almost 4 years. The Game Preserve being a small local business is a good place to work. “Now that I've worked for the company for a while, I'm very happy with the way the company is run and the close friendships I've developed with the owners, the managers of the other stores, etc” says James McWilliam.
The game preserve has a wide variety of games from puzzles to dungeon and dragons. Game Preserve has a wide variety of things to do with family friends or random people you meet in the store during one of their apprehensive in game demonstrations. In a weekly basis you can find something going on in their game room in the fountain square mall.
Game preserve is a great place for kids and adults to find something to do. In the past they have hosted miniature painting classes for some of the miniature games they sell and host. When I asked the Manager of the store about activities that he personally participates in he replayed with “ These days I'm the judge for our Dungeons & Dragons Miniatures tournaments, and I'm also going to be starting an in-store Dungeons & Dragons game here in the next month or so.” they do a lot more activities then just these and you can always find those on the Game Preserve forums(
If your looking for a place to find a new game learn to play and find new people to play with The Game preserve is a great place to start. You can Normally find something going on or at least a in dept conversation about gaming or some new movie. If you go to Game Preserve I'm sure you will leave in a better mood than you entered
Most of this information can be found At the Game Preserve Web site