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The Gallery

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The Gallery was a small art gallery that was most recently located at 109 E. 6th Street.

Rosemary Fraser founded The Gallery in 1968 with the late Peggy Gilfoy. It originally opened on Grant Street in the space now owned by Pygmalion's Art Supplies. Gilfoy eventually left to become the textile curator at the Indianapolis Museum of Art, and Fraser brought in Maryrose Pratter and Becky Brown Martz as partners. Martz, married to studio potter Karl Martz, helped build The Gallery's reputation for representing work by outstanding studio potters from all over the United States, as well as ceramics studio faculty at IU.

In 1988 Frazer, now partnering with studio potter Barb Schmidt moved the gallery to the 6th Street location. The new space, with about 500 more square feet, had high ceilings and a second floor with open balcony. It was notable for having two large limestone bears on the sidewalk in front of the space. Sculpted my Karl Schiefer, the bears were moved to the Monroe County Public Library in (some year).

Grant St. Trends and Traditions, a home furnishings boutique, took over the original space.

In 2004 Frazer retired and sold the 6th Street location to Linda Fratianni, who renamed it to the Prima Gallery.