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Thrift stores

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Thrift Stores / Resale Shops

Thrift stores & Resale Shops are possibly the cheapest way of acquiring things. They are always recycling materials, instead of importing them from China. They are often related to community organizations where the money generated benefits a good cause. Some are resale / second-hand shops which are commercial ventures that don't benefit any cause, but are still affordable and environmentally benign. Pawn Shops serve some of the same niche, but tend to have items that are individually more valuable and exist to lend money rather than reuse goods or generate income for good causes.

Most or all of these places are also looking for donations (thrift) or to buy used items (resale / consignment). Often, donations are only taken during certain hours, less than the overall time the store is open.

Community Organization related stores (put your money to work)

Donations to these stores are usually tax deductible In Bloomington:

Outside of Bloomington:

Resale Shops (private business)

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