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Gib & Denzils

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Gib & Denzils was a classic Indiana diner located at 2130 S. Walnut Street, roughly across the street from Bloomington High School South.

Among its more traditional bill-of-fare, Gib & Denzils was the only Bloomington area restaurant to serve fried pork-brain sandwiches, a fact which for some may serve as a symbol of it's cultural importance as a blue-collar eatery deeply rooted in southern Indiana tradition.

The decor at Gib & Denzils was straightforward, unpretentious, and stylistically rooted in the 1970s, with grain-wood paneling and leather booths throughout.

It should be noted that Gib & Denzils possibly existed at 521 Turtleback Creek Rd in Ellettsville as late as 2015.

Gib & Denzil's Cafe was a restaurant in Bloomington for more than 60 years. Originally founded on The Square by father Gib and son Denzil Coster, it later moved to south Walnut Street when it was owned by Denzil Coster and his wife Ruby. Still later it moved to 2130 S. Walnut. Upon Denzil's death in 1978 the Costers sold the restaurant, and it had a succession of owners until Steve Groh purchased the restaurant in 1993. He and his wife ran it until its closing in 2005.