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Years: 1898 1899 190019011902 1903 1904

Significant events from 1901.


  • Jan. 3 - Smallpox reported in Harrodsburg.
  • Jan. 22 - Trial of Thomason and Gaines for the murder of Frank Lentz in Lawrence County, July 3, 1900, begins. The men are convicted but given a rather short sentence.


  • Feb. 8th - Palmer's Bank at Ellettsville closes its doors. Edmund Palmer, owner of banks in Illinois as well at Ellettsville, owed more than $80,000 and was later taken to Rockford, IL to protect him from a lynch mob. A cashier named Freyhoffer left town.





  • June 21 - A terrific wind and electric storm sweeps over the central portion of Monroe County, doing much damage to outhouses, trees and fences west and south of Bloomington.
  • June 23 - The new Presbyterian Church building is dedicated.



John Moore, a farmer who had fled from whitecappers in Brown County, and his wife are taken from their beds in Salt Creek Township, dragged across the yard, tied to trees, and severely whipped with switches. Mrs. Moore is unconscious when the whitecaps leave, and Moore has to go a mile for a doctor. The whitecaps threaten them with death if complaints are filed against the gang. Ten days ago Moore had found a bundle of switches at the door of his farmhouse in Brown County, and a note warning him to leave the county.


  • 30th - Read Brothers Meat Market opens in the Rhorer building.
  • The Perry Stone Mill in Ellettsville is forced to close down due to a lack of water.


Oct. 5 - John Cole is assaulted and badly beaten, presumably by whitecaps, near the Dolan school house on the Bean Blossom while on his way home from town.