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19th State Productions

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19th State Productions is a Bloomington-based independent film production company. Founded in 2004 by William Winchester Claytor, the group has created several short films and won the first two CINEPHILE Film Festivals.


19thstate Logo.jpg

In 2005, a group of Bloomington residents with different artistic backgrounds gathered to make what would become 19th State's first completed work, The Gulf War Syndrome. The structure of the group and their working method grew organically during production of that film, working from a script by David Orr, who also composed most of the score, with Claytor handling most of the camerawork, Justin Vollmar recording and mixing sound, Nathan Vollmar acting and sharing editing duties with Claytor, and Jennie Orr serving as a production assistant. These five people remain the core group who meet to organize and plan 19th State's productions and future goals.

The Collective

The group uses the term "The 19th State Collective" to refer to the loose community of people who have contributed to their works, in large or small ways, and typically bills screenings as being presented by the collective.

The Players

Many current and former Bloomington residents have appeared in 19th State films. Here is a list, including what parts they played:

  • Jessica Adams
    • Annette, Puzz
    • Herself, Studio Studs
  • Mike Adams
    • Joe, Puzz
    • Himself, Studio Studs
  • Michael Anderson
    • Chad, Puzz
    • Mr. Thierry, Live Ones
  • Chris Barth
    • Kev, Puzz
    • Wooden Thimble band member, Live Ones
  • David Brant
    • Saddam Hussein (Voice), The Gulf War Syndrome
    • Barnaby, Puzz
    • Sitting Man , Broken VCR
    • Trent, Little Sister Manipulator
  • Mike Dixon
    • Pogo Watson, Puzz
    • Mike, Cake Cake Cake
    • Himself, 2008 Rube Goldberg Competition
  • Dorey Fox
    • Wooden Thimble band member, Live Ones
  • Colleen Jankovic
    • Tess, Puzz
  • Amy Karr
    • Melinda Marshall, Live Ones
  • Riley Manion
    • Harriet Candle, Puzz
  • Birch Miller
    • Stuart Poorfeather, The Gulf War Syndrome
    • Rico, Puzz
  • David Orr
    • Guy, Fight Tennis Love
    • Rovad, Oh, Brother
    • BJ Sunfire, The Gulf War Syndrome
    • Rovad, Puzz
    • BJ Sunfire, Studio Studs
    • John, Little Sister Manipulator
  • Jennie Orr
    • Girl, Fight Tennis Love
  • Maggie Paino
    • Wilma, Toilet Problem
  • Kristen Peach
    • Kristen, Cake Cake Cake
    • Jen, Little Sister Manipulator
  • Will Rose
    • Puck, Puzz
  • Dave Segedy
    • Fritz, Toilet Problem
  • Lyndsey Taylor
    • Dee, Toilet Problem
  • Justin Vollmar
    • Shifto Jr., Oh, Brother!
    • Pokey, Live Ones
  • Nathan Vollmar
    • Man, Big Breakfast Bad Dream
    • Jacob Friend, The Gulf War Syndrome
    • Himself, Oh, Brother!
    • Puzz, Puzz
    • Nathan, Cake Cake Cake
    • Dumbass, Dumbass
  • James Walsh
    • Eric, Toilet Problem


19th State's style varies widely, from visual experiments such as Broken VCR and Time Lapse Experiment 3 to absurdist/surrealist comedies such as Live Ones and Puzz to more traditional video-for-hire work such as their 2008 video made to support the fundraising efforts of Mother Hubbard's Cupboard.

Selected Works

  • Mother Hubbard's Cupboard promo (2008, 10 min)
  • 2008 National Rube Goldberg Contest: The Makers and Their Machines (2008, 10 min)
  • Little Sister Manipulator (2008, 8 min)
  • Dumbass (2008, 2 min)
  • Studio Studs (2007, 3 min)
  • Broken VCR (2007, 5 min)
  • Time Lapse Experiment 3 (2007, 6 min)
  • Cake Cake Cake (2007, 10 min)
  • Live Ones (2007, 30 min)
  • Puzz (2006, 20 min)
  • Oh, Brother! (2006, 4 min)
  • The Gulf War Syndrome (2005, 34 min)
  • Fight - Tennis - Love (2005, 5 min)
  • Big Breakfast Bad Dream (2005, 5 min)

Current Activities

19th State is currently working on a variety of short projects to shoot during the summer of 2009.

External Links

19th State's YouTube Channel

Mother Hubbard's Cupboard video

2008 National Rube Goldberg Contest video