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Alfred Ryors

From Bloomingpedia

The Reverend Alfred Ryors (1812-1858) was the second president of Indiana University. He was born in Philadelphia but was left an orphan, and spent most of his childhood with friends of his parents and the Presbyterian Church, which he joined in 1823. In 1835, he graduated from Jefferson College, and began teaching at Lafayette College in Euston, PA. He remained there just one year, however, before moving to Ohio University to teach mathematics. Additionally, in 1838, he was licensed to preach in the Presbyterian Church and married the former Louisa Walker of Athens, Ohio.

In 1843, he became a mathematics professor at Indiana University, and he held that position for five years before returning to Ohio University to become its president. In his time in Bloomington, he preached to the Presbyterian congregation, and not long after his return to Ohio, Indiana University conferred upon him a Doctor of Divinity degree.

In 1852, he returned to Indiana University to become president but, appalled by the condition of the university, he attempted to resign after just six months. Convinced by the trustees to withdraw his resignation, he finished out the school year before leaving to become Professor of Mathematics at Center College in Kentucky, where he remained until his death.

Dr. and Mrs. Ryors had five children, including Howe Ryors, Belle Ryors, who remained in Bloomington and married Robert Miers, and Steele Ryors, who moved to Missouri and became a judge.

Ryors' descendant, Philip K. Ryors, died in Bloomington in 2008.

Source: "Indiana University, Its History from 1820, When Founded, to 1890" by Theophilus A. Wylie.