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Amused Skate

From Bloomingpedia

Amused Skate is considered by many to be the best places around to purchase a skateboard. A lot of Bloomington's skateboarders enjoy Amused because you are welcome to come hang out or find some friends to skate with. Its a really laid back place and all the employees are friendly. Not only do they sell pro skateboard decks and hardgoods, they also sell longboards, and retro styled boards. Amused Clothing has a top selection of skate shoes as well, with brands such as Adio, DC, Emerica, Etnies, Es, and Osiris. Amused is always fully stocked with pads, helmets, slidegloves, tools, current pro dvd's and anything else you can think of. The employees at Amused skateboard every day so they demand quality from skate equipment and know how to have a good time.

The Amused skateboard team consists of a small but dedicated group of teenagers and young adults that skateboard to have fun, they hold events and contests at sporadic times throughout the year, usually at the Bloomington Skate Park facility on Kinser pike.