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Bloomingpedia:This week's featured article/2006 Week 28

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Caveat Emptor 2005-08-11.jpg

Caveat Emptor is a used bookstore located at 112 W. Walnut Street, on the east side of the courthouse square. The staff tends to be helpful and enthusiastic about helping any customer find a book they might have stashed away somewhere in their overflowing collection of tomes. Their collection is very eclectic, containing books of fiction and non-fiction from a plethora of genres, and most books are for sale at a cost much lower than the same books would be new. Many out-of-print works or other rare volumes can be found amongst the horde. Caveat Emptor was Bloomington's first used book store. It got started sharing a building with a copying company, moved briefly to a location on Dunn Street, and finally came to rest at its current location on the courthouse square. At first the store had a comic book counter, which still exists today in the form of Vintage Phoenix. The store also used to carry records, which were dropped. They do, however, have a collection of used CDs in addition to the myriads of used books.

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