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Bloomingpedia:This week's featured article/2007 Week 3

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Flattus was a popular funk band in Bloomington,Indiana from 1992 - 1997. The band began in 1991 when Brent 'Cornelius Boots' Courtney got a band together to perform at Pennsbury High School's talent show in Fairless Hills, Pennsylvania during his senior year. His brother, Brian 'Chauncey' Courtney, soon joined the band on rhythm guitar. The band consisted of guitars,drums, and vocals at first, then blossomed into a full horn section with an occasional female vocalist. When the brothers came to Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana in 1992, Matt 'Floyd' McClellan (bass), Kevin Leahy (drums), and Dave Appelman (sax) joined them for some informal talent show concerts in the lobby of Read Hall dorm.

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