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Bryan Park Neighborhood

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Bryan Park is a neighborhood in the central part of southern Bloomington. It is a predominantly residential district with many older houses and easy access to the University. It covers the area from Walnut Street to Woodlawn Avenue, spanning from Hillside Drive north to First Street across one area, and only to Bryan Park itself further east.

The Bryan Park neighborhood is obviously named for the large community park at the northeast side of the neighborhood. Also within the borders is Templeton Elementary, and its playground. The playground is open for community use outside of school hours, making both population destinations for the families in the area. A renovation plan has been designed and announced; it will commence as soon as funding has been raised, partially through the support and donations of the community. There are many dog owners, and they can often be found around the neighborhood streets, or in the park itself. As a result, BP residents created the award-winning bag dispensers placed around the park and sidewalks, and copied by other neighborhoods.

The Bryan Park Neighborhood Association connects the residents with each other, and takes on projects for improving the neighborhood. The Association also hosts a neighborhood party each August. They meet at the Free Methodist Church at 7pm on the 4th Tuesday of the month. Updates and communications are listed at their blog. The neighborhood is represented by City Council District 5 member Isabel Piedmont-Smith.

Bloomington Transit connects the area directly to the University and downtown with the hourly 1 bus and the frequent 7 Express. Part of the neighborhood's appeal is the architecture. This includes the new and colorful South Dunn Street development, and many well maintained or restored early-century houses, including Craftsman and Art Deco styles.

Also found in Bryan Park Neighborhood:

Two restaurants, now closed, were in walking distance of Bryan Park in the 1940's: Coleman's Grill at 1025 S. Walnut Street, and the Friendly Cafe at 108 W. Grimes Lane.