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Chipping Sparrow

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The Chipping Sparrow is a species of bird. They are classified in the family Emberizidae, and their scientific name is Spizella passerina.


Chipping Sparrows are a very small bird. Adults of the species have brown-streaked wings, gray underparts, and a distinct rufous or chestnut-colored cap. Juveniles are more heavily streaked. They are generally smaller than the also-common House Sparrow and Song Sparrow.


Chipping Sparrows are summer residents of Indiana, mostly moving south for the winter (though some individual birds may linger into the fall). In the Bloomington area, they can be seen hopping around lawns or in the shade of trees. In some areas, such as Dunn Woods, they may become quite tame and simply continue foraging when approached.

Their often-heard song is a loud, flat, and slightly buzzy trill, vaguely reminiscent of Dogday cicadas (individual birds may have their own musical variations). However, they are probably better known for their short call, a short "chip" note, which they are named after.

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