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Song Sparrow

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The Song Sparrow is a species of bird. They are classified in the family Emberizidae, and their scientific name is Melospiza melodia.


Song Sparrows are fairly small birds, slightly larger than the Chipping Sparrow. Adults are tan or brown, heavily streaked with dark brown or blackish stripes, and often have a dark patch of feathers on their chest. Juveniles may average lighter, but are usually quite similar to adults.


Song Sparrows often sing in the open, from tops of bushes and trees in shrubby areas. Similar to other sparrows, they may hop around on the ground while foraging. In and around Bloomington, their melodious song may be heard more often than they are seen. They may be found wherever there is cover, including in various places through the IU campus, as well as a single pair of birds near the Monroe County Public Library.

They reside in Indiana year-round, and may visit bird feeders especially in the winter.

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