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David Starr Jordan

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David Starr Jordan (January 19, 1851September 19, 1931) was the President of Indiana University from January 1, 1885 to 1891.

Jordan was an ichthyologist and botanist. After serving at Indiana University, he became the first President of Stanford University.

He was a 1985 inductee into the Monroe County Hall of Fame on which his plaque reads "Honors (Pre-1946) Seventh President of Indiana University, serving from 1885-1891; Introduced the departmental system to IU and first offered elective courses to students. He was a teacher of biology and zoology."

There were a number of landmarks on campus named after Jordan. On October 2, 2020, the Board of Trustees approved renaming them, based on Jordan's belief in and advocacy for eugenics.

Landmarks formerly named after Jordan include: