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Frank E. Worley

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Frank E. Worley (June 3, 1838 - 1921? ) was an Ellettsville banker in the 19th century.

The only child of Hiram and Margaret (Legg) Worley, Frank Worley attended Indiana University, and married the former Laura Davis, a niece of Jefferson Davis. From 1858 to 1871 he was engaged in the mercantile business. In 1873, after the death of his father, he opened the Worley Bank.

The bank was successful and Worley built a palatial home at the cost of $30,000. But a bank panic in 1893 forced the bank to close, and most of the Worleys' personal assets were sold off so depositors could recover their money. In 1897 he traded his home to a man named Wilson for some St. Louis property and left town.

Wilson attempted a hotel on the property, but eventually traded it to Benjamin Franklin of the Eclipse Stone Mill. It then passed into the hands of Thomas Day and then Taletha Keck. Neither the bank building nor the estate are still standing.