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Indiana Holistic Health Wellness EXPO

From Bloomingpedia

The Indiana Holistic Health Network is working with wellness community members from around the state to host the first annual Indiana Holistic Health Wellness Expo in Bloomington in November 2006. The theme is “Creating Sustainable Healthy Communities”. The IHHN’s goal is to create a great community experience. The Expo will provide an opportunity for the IHHN and larger wellness community and those interested in broadening their scope of wellness possibilities, to examine holistic therapies; listen to wonderful speakers, poets and storytellers, explore products from businesses, the arts, and organizations with natural health, spiritual and peaceful, sustainable living messages. Participants are coming from across Indiana, nearby Ohio and Kentucky. This EXPO will have many opportunities for participation from practitioners, workshop presenters, speakers, and artist merchants.

The Indiana Holistic Health Network is receiving wonderful support from the local and state wellness community who see this as an opportunity to showcase complementary and other alternative therapies. Sponsors are signing up to cover specific needs of the EXPO. Underwriters for location and advertisement are needed to move forward with this event. Contact mail.ihhn(at) if interested in underwriting this project, or if you want more information about sponsorship opportunities. You can get on the mailing list or submit listings into the free directory by visiting the IHHN website.

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