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Jack's Defeat Creek

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Jack's Defeat Creek is a small creek flowing near and through Ellettsville. There are many rumored sources for its unusual name, including a settler named Jack who was scalped by Indians nearby, and a mule named Jack who stopped in the middle of the creek and refused to move. The creek eventually flows into the Beanblossom Creek.

John Ketcham told two humorous tales he told about his service concerned fording a creek on horseback. The creek was flooded and difficult to cross. He and his friend's horses became mired and stuck fast in the mud. The friend, Jack Storm, had his name attached to the creek and it remains so to this day as Jack's Defeat in Monroe County. The stream empties into Beanblossom creek, which also got its name from a man named Beanblossom who, while riding with General Tipton, almost drowned while crossing the stream. Tipton named the creek Beanblossom which is very familiar to everyone who has been to Brown County.


Charles M. Taylor, descendant of Rebeca Ketham Mitchell, sister of John Ketcham