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Jon Konrath

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Jonathan "Jon" Robert Konrath (b. January 20, 1971, Grand Forks AFB, North Dakota) lived in Bloomington from 1989 through 1995. He went to Indiana University during the 1989-1990 school year, and from 1991-1995, except for 1990-91, when he attended IUSB. He wrote a book about experiences in Bloomington called Summer Rain. He also created a print and website glossary called The NecroKonicon. It is full of information about his personal life including a lot of entries for things in Bloomington and Indiana. The NecroKonicon is actually one of the influences behind the creation of Bloomingpedia.

While in Bloomington, he edited a Death Metal zine called Xenocide that he started when DJing at WQAX. One of the contributing writers who mailed him record reviews was Adam Gadahn, who later became an Al-Qaeda member and is now on the FBI's ten most wanted list.

He earned a degree in General Studies and worked for UCS. After graduation, he worked as a technical writer in Seattle, New York City, Denver, Los Angeles, and Oakland.

He lived in the following places in Bloomington:


  • Summer Rain (2000)
  • Rumored to Exist (2002)
  • Tell Me a Story About the Devil (2003)
  • The Annotated Rumored to Exist (2004)
  • Dealer Wins (2004)
  • The NecroKonicon (2006)
  • Fistful of Pizza (2011)
  • The Earworm Inception (2012)
  • Sleep Has No Master (2012)
  • Thunderbird (2013)
  • Atmospheres (2014)
  • The Memory Hunter (2014)
  • He (2015)
  • Vol. 13 (2016)
  • Help Me Find My Car Keys And We Can Drive Out! (2017)
  • Book of Dreams (2018)

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