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Restaurant Type: Pizza
Open Date: 1989
Address: 514 E. Kirkwood Ave
Phone: (812) 323-2112
Current Owner(s): One World

Lennie's Logo

Lennies is a local restaurant partenered with the Bloomington Brewing Company and offers the usuall run of brew-pub foods, albeit with a strongly Italian bent. Lennie's was located in the Crosstown Plaza shopping center on east 10th Street. They are well known for their gourmet, exotic pizzas as well as their sandwiches.

Lennie's is divided into two distinct halves; the west side is their restaurant side which takes reservations and has more of a sit-down feel and ambiance. The east side is the bar side which is a seat yourself at a table or the bar; and has a window view into the BBC micro-brewery.

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Lennie's has delicious award winning food, such as Chef Fred's Turkey Tortilla Salad, which is nationaly recognized.

In June and July, 2021 Lennie's moved from their 10th street location to Kirkwood, closing the 10th street location on June 30th of that year and opening on Kirkwood in early July.[1]

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