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Leonard Springs Trail

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Leonard Springs Trail is a great little hiking trail on the Southwest side of Bloomington. At the trailhead, there is parking for a few cars.

This wood-chipped, natural trail with steep slopes and stairs allows views of a wetland, two caves, Shirley Springs, and several other natural wonders. <ref>City of Bloomington, Parks and Recreation Trail Guide (pdf)</ref>

Getting There

The simple directions from Bloomington are to go to Leonard Springs or Curry Pike and head south. It will turn into Leonard Springs and bend to the right. Take the 1st street to the left. (NOTE: Verified by Cory Ramsey) It's not very far down, and the entrance is on the left.<ref>Google Map</ref>


There is a large gravel path that leads to a clearing near one edge, but the highlight begins with a descent down some stairs. The path is circular, goes over a small creek or two, and at the far end passes by an area that is slowly being rehabilitated and restored. This area is a low point geographically, and acts as a catchbasin for rainwater. On the right day you can witness a number of small and beautiful waterfalls. There is a very small cave at the beginning, as well.

<googlemap version="0.9" lat="39.114579" lon="-86.589689" zoom="15" width="300" height="450"> </googlemap>

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