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NJG Productions

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From left to right: Nick Jacobs, Sam Julovich, Grant Seifers.

NJG Productions is a group of filmmakers founded in 2006 by Nick Jacobs, Grant Seifers, and Sam Julovich. NJG Productions has created numerous comedic films and music videos. Their first film being Drugs Not Hugs, gave them little recognition, but after creating a music video for a Lemon Demon song called Lawnmower, they received some minor honors on Youtube. After making Lawnmower they added Andrew Greiner to their cast.


  • Nick Jacobs was the last remaining member of what was the original formation of NJG, a musical group from 2004 that only made 5 songs. He is one of the main writers and actors for NJG Productions.
  • Grant Seifers was part of the second formation of the musical group NJG, after the previous G moved to California. He became another writer for NJG and a major actor for NJG from the very beginning of NJG Productions.
  • Sam Julovich became part of the original NJG productions members after his involvement in the first NJG Film. He is still a major actor in NJG productions and has appeared in every NJG film.
  • Andrew Greiner was added to the cast after his short role in Lawnmower. And since has become a writer and actor for NJG.

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