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Poetry is for People

From Bloomingpedia

Poetry is for People, also called Poetry4people, is a national/international internet radio talk show based on poetry and broadcast from Bloomington. The show is produced by Kevin Goodman and SDMC Radio a division of Sundown Media Concepts LLC. and is distributed by Blogtalkradio. The show features host Michael Flanigan, a Bloomington area poet and artist.

Michael Flanigan was once connected to some of the twentieth century’s best known poets including Charles Olson, Robert Creeley, Jack Clarke, and even Allen Ginsberg. Michael describes the poetry scene of the sixties and seventies as a sort of informal brotherhood. ‘Poetry is for People’ is about these poets and many others from one poet’s perspective. Michael recalls personal accounts and offers confessional and sometimes voyeuristic accounts into the lives America’s poetic known.

The show airs live at 11:00PM every Thursday from the show page at Blogtalkradio website. Each episode is one hour in duration and listeners can call in during the last half hour of the show and ask questions or else share relevant information. Past shows can also be accessed, down loaded, and listed to through any MP3 player, IPod, or Windows Media Player.