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Sarkes Tarzian, Inc

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Sarkes Tarzian, Inc. is a Bloomington based radio and television management company. It started in the 1940's as a television tuner manufacturer and parts supplier to RCA. In 1953 the company had grown enough to build a seven-acre plant at Hillside Avenue and Woodlawn Avenue, which may have been the largest steel building of its type at that time. Built by the Quanco Company of Indianapolis, the building held the parts production lines for the Turner Division, sales and accounting offices, stock rooms and a cafeteria.

The tuner plant was closed around 1980 and the site sold to BF Goodrich. The company still manages broadast media from its current location in Graham Plaza. Tom Tarzian, son of founder Sarkes Tarzian still works at the company.

Current broadcasting stations


Previous stations


  • WTTV, Indianapolis Channel 4, November 11th, 1949 - 1991