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Studio Indiana

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Studio Indiana is a specialty book publishing company, created and run by John Bower and Lynn Bower. John is the photographer, also a member of the Bloomington Photography Club, and Lynn is the artist and layout designer.

Studio Indiana’s books feature black-and-white photography, all by John, and all of which has been taken in Indiana. The Bowers’ mission is to create exceptional photography books featuring Indiana's fascinating, yet rapidly disappearing—and under-appreciated—cultural heritage. According to John, “We’re capturing the very soul of Indiana—the essence of who we are as Hoosiers.”

Founded in 2003, Studio Indiana hopes to release a new volume regularly dealing with one particular aspect of the Hoosier historical landscape. In 2010, it released its seventh book.

The Bowers have had notable Hoosiers write Forewords to each of their books, including:

Indiana First Lady Judy O’Bannon (Lingering Spirit)
Pulitzer Prize winner and Indiana University photography professor Claude Cookman (Guardians of the Soul)
Michael Atwood of Public Television’s “Across Indiana” (2nd Stories)
Former U.S. Senator Birch Bayh (After the Harvest)
Respected historic preservationists, Gayle and Bill Cook (Silent Workplace)
Curator of Exhibitions at the Midwestern Museum of American Art, Brian Byrn (Journey's End)
Former U.S. Representative, Lee H, Hamilton (The Common Good)

By the end of 2012, the Bowers had driven over 100,000 miles, and visited every city and town in Indiana—all 2,099 that are shown on the official Indiana Highway Map.

Studio Indiana also promotes and markets the artwork of Lynn Bower.

Contact Information

Studio Indiana
430 N. Sewell Road
Bloomington, IN 47408
877-547-5073 toll free

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