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Suso Banderas

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Suso Banderas is the penname and alter ego of Mark Krenz. Mainly used from 1998 through 2004. The original purpose of creating Suso Banderas was for use as abstracted name when Mark wrote articles, software, art, websites and presentations.

Origins of the Name

Back in 1996, Mark needed a new online handle for IRC chat rooms. He looked on the back of the Philip Glass CD "Powaqqatsi" and found the name Foday Musa Suso and decided to use Suso. He originally used the handle MrSuso, but then people just ended up calling him Suso and the name stuck.

Later during online searches, Mark found that Suso was also a Spanish first name and decided to complete the name with a surname. He decided on Banderas after recently watching "The Mask of Zorro", starring Antonio Banderas.

Although some people solely knew him as Suso Banderas, Mark is using the Suso Banderas penname to a lesser extent now so that there is no confusion over his role in Suso Technology Services, Inc.

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