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Sustainable Bloomington

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Sustainable Bloomington: A community conversation about our future

The Sustainable Bloomington Unconference will begin after Farmer’s Market with two small-group discussions conducted between 1-4p. The intent of this unconference is to provide a social space where citizens from all backgrounds and perspectives can come together and discuss issues related to Bloomington and our collective future. We would like to have as many simultaneous conversations as possible, representing a wide range of perspectives, so come prepared to speak on the specific issues that interest you the most. And bring a friend!

We strongly encourage all members of the Bloomington community to come and engage your fellow citizens as we develop a common vision of a sustainable Bloomington. This is not an event about consensus as much as it is about raising awareness and understanding our common goals. These are the ingredients that motivate us to later action. For additional information, please see our website.


Sustainable Bloomington was conceived and developed by School of Informatics graduate students Will Odom, Dave Roedl, and Sindhia Thirumaran. The concept fits into a broader strategic framework to promote more sustainable ways of being within our city. This strategic plan is an outcome of a service learning project completed in partnership with the City of Bloomington’s Mayor’s Office as well as the Commission on Sustainability. The Sustainable Bloomington unconference represents an effort engaging citizens in discussions about the future of our city, strengthening community bonds and promoting a culture of sustainability.

How an Unconference Works

The Sustainable Bloomington is an ad-hoc format for small group conversations. A brief welcome introduces the topic of the day, with participants invited to write topics on the Big Board. After reviewing the discussion ideas, everyone breaks up into group and has a conversation for the next 45 minutes with others interested in that idea. The larger group reconvenes periodically to share summaries each conversation. Then, it happens all over again for a second 45-minute discussion.

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