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Talk:Woodburn Hall

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I had a lot of classes in Woodburn back in the '70's- One, because I was majoring in Journalism and they were remodeling Ernie Pyle Hall, and, two, because I took a lot of Comp Lit Film Studies, and the films for class were always shown in Woodburn 100.

Is that room still a film venue anymore? It wasn't the best because it was rather flat otherwise, at least back then.

Nancy Wilson 10/1/2006

It's still used for classes, but I doubt anyone shows films there. The big rooms on the ground floor of Ballantine are more suited to that, now. I took a film class in 1995 right before I graduated, and everything was on laserdisc, so they could show them in any classroom. I imagine it's moved to DVD now.
Woodburn 100 is more well-known as having the infamous Benton mural that has the KKK in it, which starts up a huge diversity rampage every five years or so.
--Jkonrath 15:48, 3 October 2006 (EDT)