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Theatre of the People

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Theatre of the People (TOP) [1] is a nonprofit theatre company committed to engaging underserved individuals through inclusive process-based theatre projects, educational community programs, and artistic collaborations that empower participants to productively express themselves.

About TOP

Theatre of the People, Inc.
Theatre of the People logo.
Founded 2008
Location Bloomington, Indiana
Key people Hannah Moss and David Nosko
Industry Non-profit Community Theatre
Services Modern Art for Community's Sake
Phone 812-369-2155
Website * Visit TOP!

TOP envisions the year-round creation of community-wide artwork that is By the People and For the People to encourage community-wide dialogue and discussion involving issues that effect every human being both at home and throughout the world.

Therefore, TOP strives to create an open learning environment for artists and actors of all backgrounds, skill levels, and experience levels to express their inherent creativity.

TOP aims to present new works of theatrical art and to fold traditional tales of dramatic work inside out. TOP's imaginative onstage storytelling incorporates collage and decollage principles, and TOP's unique minimalist creativity is inspired by the avant-garde movements of Dada, Epic Theatre, Nouveau Realism, Theatre of Cruelty, and Theatre of the Oppressed among other artforms.

By the People and For the People, TOP does modern art for community's sake.

TOP ACT Players

Participation in TOP productions as a cast and/or crew member includes membership into the TOP Artistic Collaborative Troupe (ACT) Players of new, emerging and talented Bloomington residents, IU students, and other Hoosiers.

TOP ACT Players comprise the heart and soul of all TOP art performances, and are the reason for TOP's being. TOP makes every effort to create meaningful art with TOP ACT Players that encourages artistic risk taking, personal development according to prestated goals, and future artistic challenges based on previous TOP art experience.


TOP Artistic Collaborative Troupe (ACT) Players who have achieved the following are eligible to join the TOP ACT Stars:

  • Demonstrated a commitment to TOP's mission and values
  • Demonstrated leadership skills beyond expectations
  • Participated in three (3) or more TOP projects

Current TOP ACT Stars include: Patty Blanchfield, Adam Bradley, Patrick French, Rebecca Johnstone, Sarah Leaffer, Chris LeTendre, Nicholas Maudlin, Benjamin Montincue, Eric Van Gucht, Owen Walters, and Suzie Zimmerman.

Education Outreach

TOP's current programs include after-school theatre workshops at Girls Incorporated of Monroe County "Drama Discoveries" and Pinnacle School "Interpretive Interactions", and theatre classes at Stone Belt Arc "Expression Exploration".

Currect "Community Chalkboard" Project

Project K - "The Josef K Files"

Franz Kafka's "The Trial" adapted for the stage with excerpts from Plato's "The Apology"
January 22, 23, 28, 29 & 30, 2010
@ the John Waldron Arts Center Rose Firebay, Bloomington, Indiana

Past "Community Chalkboard" Projects

Project SF - "The Science-Fiction Fair"

A Double-One Act Feature of Playing God

H.G. Wells' "The Invisible Man" & Karel Capek's "R.U.R. - Rossum's Universal Robots"

October 2009

Project E - "The Euripides Revival"

A Double-One Act Feature of Beauty Betrayed

Euripides' "Medea" & "The Trojan Women"

April & May 2009

Project L - "The Ladies of Lust"

A Double-One Act Feature of Sensual Seduction

Oscar Wilde's "Salome" & August Strindberg's "Miss Julie"

February 2009

Project I - "The Ibsen Revival"

A Double-One Act Feature of Daring Deeds

Henrik Ibsen's "A Dolls House" & "An Enemy of the People"

October 2008

Project X - "Peace on Terror"

A One-Act Play by Albert Powell
August 2008



Visit TOP!

Social Networking

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