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Thickstun Glass

From Bloomingpedia

Thickstun Glass is one of the oldest names in Bloomington. Garnet and Alma Thickstun, T R Thickstun's grandparents, established their business at the corner of Grimes Street and Henderson Street in the early 1950s. Thickstun Glass has had at least 2 owners since the Thickstun Family sold the business. In 1995, Thickstun Glass, Inc. was declared bankrupt. Soon after, even though a contract forbade the name being sold or transferred, Thickstun Glass was purchased by Sterling Glass and Mirror Inc. from the State of Indiana Bankruptcy Court and relocated to Pigeon Hill.

Confusing for local residents, two glass company in Bloomington use the name Thickstun in the company's name. Garnet's grandson owns T.R. Thickstun Glass Company, located at 6560 South Old State Road 37. [1]


He continues the tradition of fine craftsmanship in the glazing profession established by his grandfather. Although often guessed as standing for "The Real," the TR is from Tom Thickstun's name.