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Units of Government

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There are numerous geographically overlapping units that provide governmental services in Monroe County. Each of these units is more or less independent of the other units, except in certain legally defined ways.

County Government

Monroe County Government covers the the entire county geographically, and provides such services for the entire county as:

  • Criminal Justice System, including the Monroe Circuit Court, the Monroe County Correctional Facility (Jail), the Monroe County Sheriff's Department, the Prosecutor, the Public Defender, Probation, Clerk of the Circuit Court, and Community Corrections
  • Tax Collection System, including the Monroe County Assessor, Auditor, and Treasurer
  • Document Recording System, including the Monroe County Recorder's Office
  • Building
  • Weights and Measures
  • Bridge Maintenance

In addition, Monroe County Government provides certain services to the unincorporated areas of Monroe County (in other words, the portions of Monroe County that are not within the limits of the incorporated municipalities of Bloomington, Ellettsville, and Stinesville):

  • Monroe County Highway Department, supporting county roads and highways
  • Planning and Zoning

Municipal Government

There are three incorporated municipalities within Monroe County:

Township Government

There are 11 townships in Monroe County. Each township is approximately 36 square miles (6 miles by 6 miles), except Benton Township, which actually combined two townships. Township government provides the following services to residents within the township:

  • Emergency Assistance (formerly called "poor relief")
  • Fire Protection
  • Maintenance of Township Cemeteries
  • Maintenance of Township Recreational Facilities and Parks

Other Units of Government

  • Monroe County Public Library
  • School Corporations
  • Lake Lemon Conservancy District
  • Monroe County Solid Waste Management District
  • Bloomington Transit