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From Bloomingpedia

Jess Falkenthal was born in Bloomington, but grew up in Ohio, only to return to Bloomington for school! She is an Informatics student at IUB. Jess used to participate in the Davis Wiki, when she lived in California, so she's very happy to see a community wiki started in Bloomington! :-D

Jess loves wikis and looks forward to adding as much as she can to the Wiki. When she has more time, she plans on capturing some GPS coordinates and photos for the Wiki.

Jess now works for the National 4-H Council in Chevy Chase, MD as an Online Community Developer and their resident social media guru but loves Bloomington so much, that she telecommutes to work. She has a passion for youth media which can be seen in the enthusiasm she has for her job.

Things Jess wants to do

  • work on campus building pages (thank goodness for her new digital camera!)
  • Housing unit pages to help college students looking for apartments differentiate